Web offset printing

Are you looking for a complete service for both large and small projects? At WEISS-Druck this is a given: Offset rotation printing and web offset printing are available as a duo. The requirements are, after all, different: If you are producing a magazine or journal in very high quantities from around 50,000 copies, rotation printing is the best production procedure for the content. But if you want to cover these magazines or journals in a special cover with a different paper quality, you will need web offset printing. Rather than feeding in sheets from large rolls of paper, the sheets are fed into the machine individually. You can create something quite special here! Thus web offset printing is not just used for covers, but also for supplements, bound inserts and response cards. When separated from its partner web offset printing, the procedure is also suitable for the production of catalogues, books, posters or even mailings – in almost all formats, on almost all paper thicknesses, in almost all qualities, and even in the smallest print runs.

manroland 705 II (UV)

If you are looking for something special – whether for your business reports, innovative mailings, image prints, brochures, magazines or covers – our "manroland 705 II (UV)" machine may be the one for you. The real show-stopper: Thanks to UV colours and UV inks, your printed matter is given a certain something. 

Technical information

Sheet format min. 340 x 480 mm
max. 740 x 1040 mm
Printed material thickness 0,05 – 0,5 mm
Production speed 15.000 Bögen/h
Special features Five print mechanisms, a coating module for UV and aqueous coatings, integrated infrared and hot-air drying, plus UV-drying

KBA Rapida 106

The "KBA Rapida 106" is the king of ultra-modern web offset machines. It features 5 colour modules and a coating module for aqueous coatings, as well as suction for excess powder. A no-sidelay feeder ensures that the paper is fed into the system correctly, even in the case of high print speeds. A dynamic sheet break ensures that the printed sheets are evenly deposited in the output tray.

The print plates are installed fully automatically and simultaneously in all print modules in the shortest time. Other make-ready processes can also be carried out in parallel. Thanks to the automatic register presetting, accuracy is almost perfect from the very first printed sheet. Even thicker materials from 0.7 mm to 1.2 mm thickness, can be printed by an additional carton device. Thanks to the latest chamber-doctor blade technology with lightweight thrust bearings, print products are conveniently refined in a gloss or matt finish. The connected "KBA Vari/Dry IR/TL" then ensures excellent drying of the coatings and ink. The inline colour density measurement "Qualitronic-Color-Control" measures every individual sheet and regulates every tenth sheet.

Technical information

Sheet format min. 340 x 480 mm
max. 740 x 1040 mm
Printed material thickness 0,04 bis 0,7 mm
Production speed 18.000 sheets/h
Special features Inline colour regulator, fully automatic plate changes, no-sidelay sheet feeder

Heidelberg GTO

We use our "Heidelberg GTO" printing machine mainly for small job printing print runs. These may include business cards, letterheads, greetings cards or envelopes.


Technische Daten

Sheet format 320 mm x 460 mm with individual sheet feeder
Rotations 8.000/h
Colours 1