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Printing at high speeds from large rolls of paper – this is what distinguishes web offset printing. High print runs can be created in the shortest amount of time in the most economical way. Web offset printing is the best option in terms of economics from around 10,000 units; and it is even more efficient for print runs of 50,000, 100,000 or more. There are practically no upper limits in terms of numbers of copies. Yet this speed does not affect the quality; if anything, it enhances it: Ultra-modern rotation print machines, like the ones used exclusively by WEISS-Druck for web offset printing, generate products of a quality that is pioneering in advertising brochures, newspapers and magazines. If you then use the "heatset" procedure, which sees the print colours be dried using heat and then hardened in the subsequent cooling process, you receive a special shine that distinguishes products created using the heatset web offset printing method.

Six high-performance print machines with heatset technology by manroland form part of the WEISS-Druck machine park – and they offer the best conditions for almost unlimited production options. We have the "right" machine for every print order suited to web offset printing. Our customers benefit from this variety in several ways: Order processing is extremely flexible, as individual machines can be used as and when required. All print projects, no matter how different, are coordinated and realised under one roof. This saves time and money and guarantees the security of consistently high quality. At WEISS-Druck we call this the "in-house bonus". We are proud to be able to offer you this package of benefits. And there is one thing that we can rightly claim: When it comes to technical equipment, we are world-class!

Lithoman IV (96 pages)

Lithoman No. 96-I and No. 96-II

The two latest job rotation at WEISS-Druck prints paper web widths up to 2.860 mm and belong therefore to one of the "giants" in web offset printing.

Behind the 96-I stands two standing folding machines which allow to realize besides 1-, 2-, 4-fold-productions  also 3-, 6-, 8-fold-productions.

At the 96 we decided us for a standing and a lying folder which allows us to drive combi-productions. This means that we can combine up to 5 different A4 and A3 productions in one operation. This eliminates the need for a later insert in another work step.

Both machines are equipped with manroland measurement and control systems, automatic plate clamping devices and fully automatic washing devices and thus also suitable for mass printing and for top-quality productions in lower print runs.

Techinal data

Lithoman IV (80 pages)

The second-youngest job rotation at WEISS-Druck prints paper web widths of up to 2.250 mm and thus, unlike many others, is a "real" 80-page machine. It features "Q.I. PressControls" measurement and control systems, automatic plate clamping devices and fully automatic washing devices, making this machine predestined for both mass printing and for top-quality productions.

Technical data

Lithoman IV (72 pages)

The third-largest rotation machine in our company prints paper web widths of up to 1.980 mm. Just like the machines for 96 and 80 pages, the 72-page machine is also fitted with "Q.I. PressControls" measurement and control systems, with automatic plate clamping devices and with fully automatic washing devices. Mass print runs or the finest quality productions for smaller print runs are the result.

Technical data

Lithoman IV (48 pages)

This Lithoman IV 48 pages is our high-tech job rotation machine. The roller tracks reach a speed of up to 15 m/sec. Additional features include the fully automatic feeding of paper rolls into the two roll stars with automatic roll change. The printed items are glued directly in the machine. All of these features make the Lithoman IV (48 pages) best-qualified for the most varied productions in DIN A4, A3 and in special formats.

Technical data

Lithoman III (32 pages)

The "speed demon" amongst our machinery. As a result of its horizontal page format and thanks to speeds of up to 15 m/sec., a maximum of 60.000 rotations can be achieved per hour. Five print mechanisms allow for the use of custom colours or an extremely economical production of mono prints.

Technical data