The items that we print are read by millions each week!

Web offset printing using the coldset procedure is the classic way of printing newspapers and has been in use for decades at WEISS-Druck. We traditionally produce over 160 editions of weekly newspapers with a total print run of well over five million copies – with up to 100 pages and in the most wide ranging colour schemes. This means almost 3,500 pages each week in Berlin format.

WEISS often creates over 14,000 printing plates per week. And not just for the production of weekly newspapers or part print runs for daily newspapers for one of the largest cities in Germany; but also for advertising materials for large chain stores to be placed in newspapers or as nationwide direct advertising. Colour options span from monotone to up to four colours. The print quality on newspaper or recycled paper is as good as can be achieved with coldset printing. The colour is not dried through heating, as with the heatset procedure; instead, it is dried mechanically using so-called "ink penetration".

Colorman e:line

The "Colorman e:line" print machine comprises two print towers, a folding mechanism with stapler and two roll changers, and is set up for 50,000 cylinder rotations per hour. The paper web is printed with a speed of up to 12.77 m/s (equivalent to 46 km/h). Thus up to 50,000 Berlin format newspapers with a maximum of 32 pages are created each hour in full colour. The fully automatic print plate change with up to 128 print plates in 3 minutes guarantees the shortest set-up times. The machine features the latest control technology, includes blanket washing and an automated paper roll feed.

Technical data

Format Berlin format (31 cm x 46 cm), half Berlin format (23 cm x 31 cm)
Paper type Newspaper or recycled paper
Max. paper web width 1240 mm
Cylinder circumference 920mm
Autoprint module Quickstart, fully automatic colour register control Inline Registration Control and cut register control CutCon C
Other New manroland control centre with mobile Pad and Press Proof in control panel

MAN Geoman

The parameters of the "Geoman" print machine from MAN: Four identical individual rotation machines for newspaper printing with the option of combining to create two large rotations. Up to five roll changers with automatic paper feed. Separate drive for each print unit, a jaw folder and a double jaw folder. Suitable paper varieties including newspaper or recycled paper between 45 g/m² and 60 g/m².

Technical data

Formats Berlin format (31.5 cm x 47 cm), half Berlin format (23.5 cm x 31.5 cm), 80 pages Berlin format, 2-colour; 48 pages Berlin format, 4-colour
Paper type Newspaper or recycled paper