Everything comes good in the end!

A finish that excites!

Binding, stitching, inserting or film-wrapping: our post-press services represent a wonderful conclusion to the WEISS-Druck portfolio. We use our ultra-modern machines to bind and stitch your printed matter. Additional equipment is on hand to automatically insert your inserts into newspapers or magazines at incomparable speeds, as well as to cover items with film to protect the contents from damage or moisture. And, as if that weren't enough, customers at WEISS-Druck can also expect comprehensive services from the "Lettershop": Entrust us with your mailings, catalogues or other personalised mailings and we will manage their packaging, enveloping, addressing, right through to their postage-optimised dispatch. Thanks to effective work processes, we can address up to 12,000 printed products with personal addresses in just one hour. And should you require that your printed matter to be accompanied with product testers, postcards or even CDs, we are happy to glue these into magazines, newspapers or even books. It couldn't be more convenient: A finish that excites!

Kolbus KM 412 adhesive binder

For the creation of adhesively bound products we use the "Kolbus" adhesive binding row, together with the "Kolbus KM 412" adhesive binder. It can bind products with a spine thickness of up to 6 cm. The adhesive binding row features 13 sheet feeders and, when all stations are in use, can achieve speeds of up to 18,000 bound printed copies per hour. With this modern facility, comprising a gathering machine, an adhesive binder, a cooling tower, three-knife trimmer, cross lapper and palletiser, WEISS-Druck is equipped for the further processing of higher print runs. Another clear benefit: With the "Kolbus adhesive binder", we save up to 50% of our machine set-up time. 

Technical data

Feeders 13
Card gluers 2
Adhesive technology Hotmelt und PUR
Inserting line 3 inserts
1 booklet gluer
Packaging Shrinking foil
Cross banding station
Performance max. 18.000 per hour
Inserting machine up to 13.500 per hour
PUR adhesion up to 8.000 per hour
Format min. 14 x 105 mm
max. 360 x 320 mm
Spine thickness min. 3 mm

Ferag UniDrum binder

Thanks to the rotating technology of the "UniDrum" binder from Ferag, consistently high binding capacities are possible even in the case of different format lengths. Production capacities of up to 30,000 copies per hour make the "UniDrum" perfect for very high runs. The fast production also has a decisive effect on the unit costs, and the elimination of manual interventions in the process allows for a clear increase in product quality across the entire production line.

Technical data

Feeders 5
Card gluers 1
Stitching heads 3
Packaging Shrinking foil
Cross banding station
Technology 4 binders,
double A5 production possible
Performance max 30.000 copies/h
Format min. 14,8 x 21 cm
max. 31 x 42 cm

Ferag EasySert

The master when it comes to inserts: Two small "EasySert" facilities with 16 stations and a large facility with 24 stations ensure the fully automated positioning of inserts into newspapers and magazines. A "multi-disc" system captures every main sheet after printing on the newspaper rotation and feeds it to the "EasySert" facilities. With 24 "jet feeders", up to 24 different inserts can be inserted into a newspaper without interruption. Thanks to the diverse opening and missing sheet detectors, only the newspapers that have been packed correctly are sent for packaging. Thanks to an integrated top sheet printer, the finished packages can be fitted with top sheets immediately after packaging. The packages are then sent through a bundling machine, and the finished packages are deposited on pallets ready for dispatch.

Technical data

Feeder machines 1 + 2 16
Feeder machine 3 24
Performance Easy Sert 1 + 2 max. 29.000 copies/h
Performance Easy Sert 3 max. 29.500 copies/h
Carrier product format Length 170 - 310 mm
width 240 - 360 mm
Inserts format Length 105 - 310 mm
width 148 - 340 mm
Recommended grammage min. 42 g/qm min. 16 pages for main product and inserts
min. 120 g/qm for 4 pages

Sitma individual filming

The "Sitma" individual filming machine is a high-performance packaging module with a maximum speed of 14,000 strokes per hour. The machine can pack magazines, newspapers and mailings in the most varied formats in film. It is also possible to add product samples, and to address the packaged unit "inline". The great flexibility of the "Sitma" and the diversity of accessories provide solutions for almost all customer requirements.

Technical data

Year of construction 2007
Feeder 1 shuttle feeder to feed the main product
4 rotation feeders for inserting and stacking of inserts
1 3D feeder for feeding CDs, booklets, postcards etc.
Format min. 60 mm x 60 mm
max. 205 mm x 130 mm (sample copies)
Addressing Labels Chesire, inkjet
Individual filming To cover the product
Cross lapper With postcode control
Main product format A5 to A3
Production options
Insertion of up to 5 inserts, addressing, filming up to 5 products
Performance max. 14,000 per hour
Product thickness up to 30 mm
Special features The use of additional aggregates like card gluers (for postcards, CDs, samples), pick sheet feeder and cover feeder for 4-6-8-sided covers and inserts (3 inserts in unspecified place) make the individual filming machine more versatile and more attractive.