Digital printing

Large print runs have long been tradition at WEISS-Druck. But small print runs have also been in great demand for a while now. When it comes to small print runs (from 1 to approx. 500), digital printing is the most suitable procedure in terms of price and quality. But also when quick results are required, digital printing cannot be beaten: The direct dialogue between the computer and the printer means that there is no need for the time-intensive creation of print templates. As a result, printed matter can be ready within a day, or even after just a few hours.

A look at the possible product structures also demonstrates the versatility of digital printing:  business cards, flyers, posters, postcards, brochures, club magazines and photobooks are all possible on offset papers between 60 g/m² and 350 g/m². Finishes are available in transparent, matt or gloss film, and high-gloss decoration is also possible. And when it comes to the production of large-format posters, roll-ups or backlits (backlit placards), WEISS-Druck has the required technology; be it for individual items or small production runs. 

NexPress 2500

The NexPress 2500 digital print machine from Kodak enables a rapid handling of orders with a consistently high print quality. Thanks to its flexibility, it is suitable for small print runs in a quality similar to that from offset printing.

The NexPress prints 5,000 coloured A4 pages – or 2,500 double-sided sheets – per hour and with its fifth printing mechanism, also allows for colour space enlargement or the application of a protective layer. The maximum print format is 340 mm x 510 mm. Most conventional offset papers, coated or non-coated, can be printed with the NexPress, and with a paper weight of 70 g/m² to 350 g/m².

A brief overview: 

  • 5,000 colour printouts in A4 format per hour
  • Best print quality
  • Maximum print format: 340 x 510 mm
  • Printable materials: Paper, slides, labels
  • Fifth printing mechanism for 3D printing, gloss finish, protective coating or watermarks

Imagepress c6010VP

An Imagepress c6010VP from Canon is also part of our machinery.

A brief overview:

  • 4,200 printouts in A4 format per hour
  • Print options: matt, standard, gloss
  • 1-colour black + 4-colour in line with colour range
  • Print format: max. 330 x 480 mm
  • Printable material: Paper, 60 - 325 g/m²

Large format printing

Your best photos, in large!

With the EPSON STYLUS PRO 11880, we have the best technology to print in a sensational width of 162.56 cm. As such, lots of production options are available: from high-quality photo prints in matt or gloss to images on canvas, roll-ups, illuminated backlits and more.

A brief overview:

  • Coloured, white and metallic printing
  • Max. material width 162.56 cm
  • Eco-solvent ink suitable for internal and external use
  • Cutting function for stickers with individual shapes
  • Coloured printing as well as white and silver printing possible
  • Printable materials: Numerous papers and slides


The NexGlosser refines your digital prints to create a high-gloss printed product. This creates an additional design option for the production of book covers, photo prints, postcards, illustrated books, photo albums, greetings cards and brochures, and this design option protects your product too. Scratch-resistant and water-repellent: Your printed product will be a real eye-catcher!

Film lamination

Film lamination sees a piece of film be applied to the surface of the paper, either on one side or two. You can choose between matt and gloss film. This type of refinement offers a good visual appearance, great protection and allows you to wash your products should they become dirty. The technology is ideal for book covers, brochure covers, menus or business cards.

Adhesive binders

WEISS-Druck offers to adhesively bind your printed products in a spine thickness of 2.5 mm to 45 mm, even for the smallest print runs. Possible formats range from A6 to A4 oversize format. A high-quality PUR bonding technique guarantees long-lasting and durable products that are suitable for small club magazines as well as more substantial books.

Wire stitching, seaming, grooving and perforating

We use the Duplo-System 5000 to bind magazines, club magazines, and brochures with normal wire stitching or ring binding.

Up to 80 pages can be bound in the case of 80 g paper. The process sees the cover and contents of the desired product be gathered together and clamped.

Possible formats range from A6 to A4 oversize format.

We also seam, groove and perforate your flyers or brochures using the latest technology. We use the Touchline CP375 to complete these processes in just one step.