Service is the sum of all potentialities

It is the variety of potentialities that distinguishes Weiss. From design and creation to pre-print services, print-to-web and digital printing to the core business of our company; the printing of newspapers, magazines, catalogues and inserts: Our customers get everything from the one source, including logistics. We tailor our range of services to suit the most wide-ranging individual requirements of our customers.

Anyone printing lots of different formats and print runs, needs lots of alternatives. This is especially true in advertising. Because that is what the market, the deadline and the budget demand. As such, at WEISS it is very simple to switch from job printing using the heatset procedure for brochures, catalogues or magazines to the coldset method, which is used to print newspapers. Besides job rotation, our company also features newspaper web offset machines. This combination and number of machines may be one-of-a-kind in Germany.

In order to complete the range of services offered by our company, WEISS-Druck also offers sheet-fed offset printing alongside web offset printing for smaller print runs. From the high-quality cover of a magazine, to a book, to your mailing; consummate quality is achieved here. Modern machines use UV colours and UV ink to present your sophisticated printed items in the right light. Our digital printing machines are also available for smaller or individual printed matter. Decorations, binding and lamination round off our range of services.

Design / Creation

A concept and a layout is required for every print product. Tell us your wishes and ideas, and we will work with you to develop a guide for the content and design. We will then turn this into a reality and accompany you through all of the stages of the visual realisation. From the design of your logo to your business stationery, such as letterheads and business cards, to the processing of brochures, magazines and catalogues: We will ensure a consistent, unique appearance – both in print and online. You can rely on WEISS-Druck; from your first meeting with us to the finished product.

Creativity, diligence and technical expertise are all written large in our company. We work with a vision for the overall project and a precision for detail.  This is the only way to achieve long-term success. Benefit from the close co-operation between the graphics, pre-stage and printing departments – WEISS provides a complete service.


Pre-stage refers to the pre-press phase and incorporates all of those processes that ensure that the subsequent printing process will go smoothly. These processes include the professional creation or revision of print data, the setting and quality optimisation of images, the digital page layout to the fully automated creation of printing plates using the computer-to-plate procedure (CTP). At WEISS-Druck, tried-and-tested means creating print products in line with high-tech procedures.

Each day, our company receives thousands of files which we then turn into the final print templates, or that already contain the final page designs, ready for printing. All of the incoming data is intensively tested for its usability so that subsequent correction measures, which incur costs and delay the process, can be avoided. The production workflow is managed via a secure web portal and guarantees convenient online communication between the client and the printing works. All customers and sales staff need is a computer with internet access, and they can transfer jobs, trigger their processing, follow the project progress, "proof" jobs online – in other words simulate final print results using the proof – coordinate changes with staff from the creative sector and the pre-press, and approve jobs for printing.

The benefit: An enormous time saving and considerable relief for our customers.


Connect your print media to the digital world! "Multimedia" or "cross-media" are expressions relating to a new standard in modern company communication. By distributing your information across several channels simultaneously to expand upon useful functionalities, and by updating your content quickly and easily wherever required, you can live up to the user habits of your target audiences! Provide your counterparts with new, impressive worlds of experience!

WEISS-Druck can help you by, for example, turning your printed product – be it a magazine, a catalogue, a newspaper or a company report – into an interactive, browsable ePaper: to be read comfortably on a screen! We generate and print QR codes for you, so that your readers can access more detailed information online. And "augmented printing" as the choice to extend your original product creates an attractive added value through the provision of additional digital information, audio and video entertainment or fast interaction options, which can be access online – either on the computer at home or on a tablet or smartphone on the go.  

Print-to-web combines the advantages of your print media – namely good readability, the visual experience, refinement effects and long retention time for customers – with the benefits of fast, digital media.  At the same time, you can analyse the behaviour of your readers and generate direct sales opportunities. With our full-service internet agency, Weiss-Intermedia, we have the perfect partner for you within our own group of companies.

Digital printing

Fast, individual, extremely flexible and with an unbeatable price-performance ratio for small print runs: Digital printing always stands above other print procedures when the focus is on high-quality print products that need to fulfil special demands. This includes short turnarounds. The reason: Digital print is like a direct dialogue between the computer and the printer, and as such, escapes the time-intensive creation of print templates. It also includes the personalisation of print objects, variations from sheet to sheet, or the desire for small or medium print runs, which can span from individual printouts to several hundred copies.

From the smallest formats, for example for business cards, to large applications for the printing of posters; everything is possible with digital printing. In addition, the fascinating options provided by decoration allow you to achieve an unbeatable added value in terms of look and feel: Velvety film lamination, refined embossing or high-gloss finishes, to name but a few, highlight the exclusivity and unique nature of your product. And those who treasure personalised digital printing can benefit from increased practicality and individuality: Mailings can be numbered and adapted to suit different target groups, and produced with different contents. Digital printing creates new paths in dialogue: A tailor-made print product for every recipient!

Newspaper printing

Newspaper printing has a long and successful tradition at WEISS. Each week, over 160 different newspaper editions leave our printing works with a total of more than five million copies. This is equivalent to around 3,500 pages in the handy "Berliner format".

WEISS often creates over 14,000 printing plates per week. We do not just produce weekly newspapers and part print runs for daily newspapers for one of the largest cities in Germany; we also print lots of inserts in the shape of printed advertisements for large chain stores. Colours span from single-colour to four-colour printing. We achieve high-quality print results on newspaper or recycled papers using the emission-free, and thus environmentally friendly, coldset procedure. 


From weekly newspapers to journals to customer magazines – at WEISS-Druck, your product is in the very best hands. Our ultra-modern production systems guarantee the very best synchronised workflows – from printing to book-binding to packaging. We also organise the dispatch of your magazines, address your products and can even organise logistics on your behalf – all with the same smooth and secure processes. Thus we can ensure that everything is in the right place at the right time. Thanks to our fully in-house production, we can guarantee the shortest turnaround times with outstanding quality. Even with very large print runs. 


Despite the increasing digitalisation, printed catalogues remain especially eye-catching and credible. Customers also spend longer looking at printed catalogues – they take time to read them. This is one decisive advantage and the best condition for transporting more content, presenting your service in a better light and, thus, stimulating purchases. Catalogues remain important impulse generators.

WEISS-Druck supports you in all matters concerning catalogue production: from conception and design to pre-print services, printing and further processing. Our in-house production and machinery are best-equipped for this. Aside from print production, we also offer additional services, such as address generation, personalisation, postage optimisation, dispatch and logistics. In addition, we can also realise cross-media links, and in doing so, can create bridges to the digital world: Our full-service internet agency WEISS-Intermedia has a whole host of options waiting for you!

Advertising inserts

Advertising inserts play a key role in the advertising strategy of commerce. Distributed to consumers for free, they represent important impulse media for people searching for information and for stimulating purchases. WEISS-Druck has a large capacity for producing advertising inserts, using the latest, high-performance printing machines. Our machine configurations differ massively, meaning that we can choose the "right" machine for every print job. As such, we are extremely flexible, especially when it comes to printing considerable objects. We guarantee the very best quality and do not waste any time in production; after all, at WEISS, everything is printed "in-house". Our enormous range of experience allows us to complete even extremely large and difficult jobs on job rotations to your utmost satisfaction.


Whether internal or external, at WEISS-Druck, logistics services are a key part of what we offer. We manage and process 20 million inserts per week – both inserts that we print in-house and those that are delivered to us. We package shipping units of varying sizes for delivery to distributors and distribution stations across Germany and in neighbouring countries, including to complex delivery organisations. In addition, WEISS-Direktservice, part of our group of companies, represents a team of specialists for direct marketing with extensive expertise. WEISS-Direktservice develops intelligent solutions for information dissemination based on their knowledge of modern geomarketing and on the latest address data and up-to-date mapping materials. The planning and management of your communication via a print product could not be more location-specific and target-group-orientated!