Combined heat and power plant

Our combined heat and power plant works in line with the principle of power-heat cogeneration with two gas-powered units and corresponding generators. As electricity is generated, waste gas and engine heat is generated around the engines. We convert this heat into cold air using an absorption cooling machine (refrigerator principle). We then feed this cold air to our printing machines, where we use it to cool the printing plate mechanisms. As a result, the energy that was previously used to create the cold air is now saved. Alternatively, the waste heat from the engines can also be directed into the heating system at WEISS.

If our plant produces more electricity than is required by on-going operations, for example at weekends, we feed the excess energy back into the public grid. Thanks to the low-resource operation of the combined heat and power plant, we save around 7,180 tonnes of CO2 per year when compared to using electricity from the public grid. As such, WEISS-Druck has set another milestone in the field of environmental protection.