We are here for you!

At WEISS-Druck, we believe in the principle of one order, one point of contact! It is important to us that, as our customer, you have a central point of contact to deal with any concerns relating to your printed matter; regardless of which services you wish to use. Your personal adviser is always there for you. He or she will manage the overall coordination of your order; will pass your enquiries on to the relevant people within the company, and will monitor the project process until its completion. You can look forward to excellent results! We will do the rest for you: transparently, competently, effectively and with a personal service.

We do not just rely on our experience and technical equipment for this. You can also expect an openness to unconventional solutions at WEISS-Druck. Our whole team is distinguished by realising these solutions, quickly and professionally. Intelligent planning through every stage of your order, precise communication with all those involved, and a willingness to make quick and professional decisions; this is our bread and butter. And, if you need advice even before your printing gets under way – for example relating to the graphics, the typeset or the creation of digital print templates – you can make use of our expertise whenever it is required. We would be thrilled to hear from you!

International points of contact


Alfred Bocken
Deputy Head of Sales / International Sales
+49 2472 982-168
+49 2472 982-77-168


Peter Jonkers
Netherlands / Belgium
+31 76 521 7025
+31 76 520 7281


Ankie Hopmans
Netherlands / Belgium
+31 76 521 7025
+31 76 520 7281


Henry Staal
Netherlands / Belgium
+31 76 521 70 25
+31 76 520 72 81