WEISS. A special kind of company.

Launched as a small printing works in 1875 in Monschau in the North Eifel, WEISS can now look back on almost one and a half centuries of successful company history. Thanks to rapid growth, especially in recent centuries, the company now stands as one of the largest and most modern printing works in Germany. With its headquarters still located in Monschau, the WEISS group of companies now incorporates almost 30 companies working in the field of printing, print media and media services. WEISS has created over 1,200 jobs – both in the west and east of Germany. The number of people working for the core company WEISS-Druck – the largest individual company within the group with its headquarters in Monschau – has grown fifteen times over during the last 30 years. The premises are now also ten times as large as they were previously. This extraordinary development is the result of an unswervingly linear company philosophy held by the founding family, Weiss. This philosophy has always been based on the principles of "progress, innovation and future" and is today represented by Georg Weiss, who represents the fourth generation of his family to run the family business. Yet, it is predominantly the staff who ensure the success of the company by contributing to the creation of value in their daily work. Members of staff identify with the company, and this leads to an extraordinary willingness to perform and to achieve. People working for WEISS work both in teams and individually, at outstandingly equipped, high-tech work stations, in attractive, modern buildings. The people that work here are highly motivated and super dedicated!